Quality Building Supply LLC

A dream residence with terrific details and superb craftsmanship. All trusses inside the main living area are exposed post and beam, creating a vaulted ceiling that is 32’ to the peak.

Builder: Quality Building Supply LLC
Building Size: 6,000 sq. ft.
Roof pitch: 10/12
Doors: Central WoodWorks 6’ x 9’ mahogany doors
Foundation: Tri-County Concrete/Quality Building Supply LLC
Insulation: Spray foam
Posts: Mill Creek Lumber .15 MCA Ground Contact S4S #2 6×6
Roofing: Quality Building Supply, standing seam, 26 ga.
Trusses: Quality Building Supply 
Siding: LP SmartSide
Windows: VI-Wintech
Cupola: Quality Building Supply Premium 5’ cupola w/ 3’ copper weathervane



By Quality Building Supply LLC