The beautiful setting overlooks a pond where clay was mined for a former kiln. The site had an 8’ grade difference from high to low point, which had to be dealt with along with difficulties in site access and rough terrain. 

Repurposed 4’ x 12’ yellow pine timber is repurposed from its former use as caboose running gear. Repurposed wood siding was cut from cedar telephone poles and loft joists are beams from an old timber frame barn.

BUILDER: Burkholder Construction, Ltd.
BUILDING SIZE: 16’ x 32’ w/ 9’ wide porch
POSTS: Richland Laminated Columns 3-ply Glulam Green Posts
ROOFING: Townline Roofing, black textured standing seam
BEAMS: Antique Caboose Beams and Repurposed Barn Beam Joists
WALL PANELS: Metal Exterior Steel, repurposed cedar poles cut into siding
WINDOWS: Andersen 400 Series


By Burkholder Construction, Ltd.