Foundation: Richland Columns 

Insulation: Owens Corning 

Posts: Richland 3-Ply laminated

Roof Panels: Hixwood Super-Rib 100 Textured Black

Special Interior Features: Hixwood Super-Rib Liner 

Trusses: Precision Truss 

Ventilation: MWI Soffit and

Wall Panels/Siding: Hixwood Super-Rib 60 Red 

Windows: Silverline 3900 Picture Windows 

Misc: MWI Weathervanes

Ken Zimmerman was in dire need of a place to store his groundskeeping machinery and some of his personal items.By getting a local crew to erect this eye-catching building, he covered the bases for both improving the real estate value, and protecting what was important on his farm.