Just as the right roof is an important decision, we can’t forget that the roof needs to be well insulated. Customers might choose not to insulate their post-frame barn, but if it’s a residential building they’re after, it’s going to be insulated. Metal-clad buildings are known to conduct heat and when someone is going to live in one, they need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International article, “The Benefits of Using Reflective Insulation in Metal Building Systems,” by John Starr of Covertech, this need for insulation is further explained: “Because metal buildings conduct heat, maintaining desired temperatures during the summer and winter months can be ongoing and expensive. Reflective insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat across a building’s air spaces. Reflective insulation is manufactured with highly reflective surfaces; 95-97% of the radiant heat that strikes the surface is reflected, and only 3-5% of the heat is emitted through the insulation.”

To accomplish this task, you may want to look at reflective insulation such as rFoil. rFOIL reflective insulation is a patented technology designed to control heat gain or loss while preventing interior condensation in all types of post-frame and metal buildings. According to the manufacturer, it blocks 96% of radiant heat transfer; is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack, peel, or flake; has an unmatched 10-year warranty on material and labor; contains UV inhibitors and is tested to ASTM G-155; and holds a Class 1/A fire rating. 

For more information, visit www.rfoil.com.