The Fischer Group of Companies has released the latest generation of Power-Full II full-thread screws. These wood screws are ideal for permanently and securely connecting or reinforcing supporting wood constructions. They also offer the advantage of easy and efficient installation as an economical pro solution for challenging fastening requirements in timber construction.

The new PowerFull II screws can be used for main and secondary beam connections, false beam edges, shear tension bracings or shear connections. The new screws are more user-friendly than the previous version, with significantly more comprehensive and structured content. Compared to its renowned predecessor, fischer has optimized its full-thread screw even further. For instance, as an alternative to the effective screw-in depth of the screw thread, this screw-in depth can be applied without considering the length of the screw tip by calculation, but with a significantly increased pullout parameter. This allows the pullout load capacity or tensile strength to be increased by up to 60%.

The screw geometry developed by fischer. It significantly improves the pullout load capacity, while the higher thread pitch reduces the screw-in torque for simple and easy installation. Its unique core-milling geometry enables low edge and axial spacing and high loads without any pre-drilling. The special tip geometry makes it easy to place and insert while reducing the splitting behavior in the base. The needlepoint allows the screw to be inserted with ease under slanted screw connections.