For decades, stud finders have been designed based on capacitive technology that identifies changes in density behind the walls. While this technology can indicate the location of wood stud framing, it also discovers metal, plastic, wiring, and other objects in walls just as easily, often creating “false positives.”

For professionals and DIYers, this innovative technology will provide a more accurate representation of what is behind the wall and significantly improve confidence that what is detected is truly a wood stud. The benefits are significant: minimized rework, less damage created, and increased safety. The latest invention is Zircon’s Wood Stud SuperScan with Target Control Technology + FILTERz. By analyzing the complex data streams from multiple sensors and controlling the result using sophisticated intelligence, the stud finder finds wood studs and filters out metallic objects, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, screws, protector plates, or ductwork in the wall. Additionally, the technology alerts the user to the presence of other low signal-strength, non-metallic targets, like plastic pipe, PEX tubing, and wiring.