Cultured Stone recently introduced Ethos, a multilayered color palette, to the Pro-Fit® Terrain Ledgestone profile to blend classic and contemporary design. This is a clean and timeless style to enhance any interior or exterior space. 

The new color palette adds versatility through its modern aesthetic, classic colorway and natural texture to incorporate biophilic design elements.

Ethos blends modern and traditional design styles to elevate exterior and interior space.The panelized format makes installation quick and easy. 

Its design adds intense textural interest to any project. Homeowners and trade professionals can utilize this variegated color palette to seamlessly combine modern and traditional design styles while enhancing any interior or exterior space with a unique interplay of smooth and rugged organic textures. 

“The concept of transitional style is blending modern and traditional styles to create a classic, elegant look,” said Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing and portfolio management at Cultured Stone. “The clean, timeless style of Ethos opens a plethora of possibilities for professionals to incorporate this new and exciting design trend.”

Ethos embodies a modern aesthetic while incorporating the aforementioned classic colorways and textures that have made stone a component of biophilic design. While predominantly gray in appearance, the color palette introduces a compelling mix of sand, ivory and beige hues to the alternating smooth and hewn faces of the profile. 

The panelized format makes this profile quick and easy to install, with groups of small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal height. Slim, equal height pieces start at 4″ high and extend from one of three options for length: 8″, 12″, or 20″.

Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone also meets the highest indoor air-quality standard and has National Green Building Certification. This profile is available in four color palettes: Arctic, Ethos, Trek and Arcadia.