Greiner Buildings

Builder: Greiner Buildings

Building Size: 48’ x 120’ x 16’ (5,760 sq. ft.)

Doors: AJ Manufacturing 7100 Series

Fasteners: Maze Nails, Atlas screws for attaching steel

Foundation: Embedded

Insulation: Anco, Texture Fine 8’ batts

Posts: Rigidply glulams with GreenPost

Roof Panels: Premier Metals Legacy Panel, 29 ga.

Special Interior Features: Versetta Stone wainscot

Trusses: Engineered Building Design, 2x trusses clearspan

Ventilation: MWI Components pre-cut vented soffit

Wall Panels: Premier Metals Legacy Panel, 29ga.

Windows: AJ Manufacturing, 900 Series

Additional Details: Shutters by AJ Manufacturing (SHUT-14X39-RP); cupola by MWI Components (CW3X3); weathervane by MWI Components (American Liberty Flag)

Sustainable Solutions, LLC’s landmark commercial condominium houses four local businesses and is one of the first structures built in Washington, Iowa’s new industrial park. The symmetrical design features extended fascia, awnings, decorative stone, cupolas with glass & lighting, flying gables and Dutch corners. Inside, the bathrooms are finished with unique rustic wood paneling. The owner chose post-frame construction because it provided affordability, flexibility and a very visually appealing design to attract renters and customers. The resulting building is cost-effective and low maintenance, both inside and out.