Components and Info

Building Specs:
64’ X 105’ X 20’6”
5/12 Roof Pitch 

Door: Plyco (entry)

Fasteners: Pro Caps Metal Screws

Insulation: Double Bubble

Posts: 8×8 treated posts.

Barrel Racking: Polar Wood 6×6 Crossties: 4×6

Wall and Roof Panels: Discount Metal Roofing 29-gauge

Trusses: Rocky Ridge Truss LLC 3/12 with 2/12 Scissor

Windows: ViWintech Paducah Kentucky 24”/48”

Misc: Interior barrel racking, 2 X 6 Book Shelving with 2 X 4 perlins 24” on center, double 2 X 12 headers.

This simple but useful building was built in under five weeks, with two and a half weeks spent on the foundation and two weeks crafting the barrel racks. This was remarkably fast compared to the time it takes to create the bourbon it protects.