Components and Information

Builder: Critel Buildings, Hastings, Nebraska

Building Specs:m60x200x14,  3/12 pitch

Wraparound: 10’ x 460’ open Lean-To, with two wrap-arounds, 2/12 pitch

Doors: Clopay (10) 10’x12’ Non-Insulated Commercial Doors (2), 14’x12’ Non-Insulated Commercial Doors

Foundation: 2’ Concrete Stem Wall, Perma-Column Sturdi-wall brackets

Fasteners: Ledgerlok metal to wood screws 1 1/2”

Insulation: Dripstop® Condensation Barrier

Wall Panels: Hixwood Metals, Light Gray Pro Q Plus Panel,
29 gauge

Roof Panels: Hixwood Metals, Charcoal Pro Q Plus Panel,
29 gauge

Trusses: Quality Truss & Design, 60’ 4’ o/c, 115 mph wind load

This building was built for a customer needing additional space for their sheep operation. They had this structure custom-designed to fit on their property. This building was started during Nebraska’s unpredictable winter season and the Critel crew worked in snow, ice, and mud for most of the project. There was enough nice weather between two storms that the entire building was erected in three weeks