AJ Manufacturing

A.J. Manufacturing builds high-quality steel walk doors. Options include pre-painted white, clay, bronze or brown panel and frame, or fully stainless steel doors. They are pre-hung in steel, aluminum or stainless steel frames with 4 x 4.5” fixed pin, or ball bearing hinges for 4-way universal swing, even with a foamed-in-place door lite or a deadbolt bore. The 1-3/4” doors are polyurethane foam injected for an R12 insulating value. 



Kevmar Door

Kevmar Garage Doors is a manufacturer of quality garage doors based in Arthur, Illinois. Door sales are primarily to post frame and backyard shed builders in the Midwest. The Kevmar product line includes 15 models available in 4 colors. Doors are typically delivered directly to builders on company trucks. Kevmar models also include a line of residential specialty doors.



Kevmar roll up door

Marco Industries

Marco Industries offers superior roof ventilation your way, with products tailored to fit specific performance requirements and budgets. Our ventilation products feature an exclusive non-woven polyester material that delivers extreme durability and breathes to help prevent moisture absorption. All ventilation products offer a 40-year limited warranty, easy one-person installations, and two full beads of M63, Marco’s proprietary adhesive, for superior hold.



Marco vent strip

Onduline North America

Available direct from the manufacturer, TUFTEX brand polycarbonate and PVC panels offer various solutions for your garage, shed, carport, or other home projects. TUFTEX is made in the USA by Onduline North America. Polycarbonate panels are backed by a 10-year warranty. All panels are lightweight, easy to install, and also available in 9” OC Ag Panel and 12” OC R Panel profiles (38” wide, 36” of coverage, and lengths from 2½’ to 24’). 



translucent ribbed panels

MWI Components

MWI’s doors will make the impression you strive for. Choose from thousands of color combinations for your Bale, Dutch or Arcadian Sliding Doors. MWI’s completely galvanneal substrate doors come in double cross-buck or half-light options; the company also offers sliding doors in fully assembled or kit form. Finish your look with the Arcadian Sabre Slim, an exterior lockable, polished, chrome-plated handle. The keyed entry on 1-1 1/2” Split Sliding Arcadian Doors and interior latch functions will make your doors the talk of the industry!


800-360-6467  ext. 5

MWI Components doors

Plyco Corp.

The CTB (Commercial Thermal Break Window) is Plyco’s top-of-the-line commercial quality window. It is constructed of 100% thermalized aluminum extrusions with 3/4” thermo pane glazing. AATL (All Aluminum Trimline) windows, an aluminum frame window, is specifically designed for the metal-clad building industry. Series 100 energy efficient window is made of “Fibrex,” a revolutionary composite material with strength, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency (Energy Star). The Series 100 window can be painted and holds its form without warping or twisting.



Plyco Commercial Thermal Break window

Plyco Corp.

If you’re looking for a commercial, residential or agricultural door, Plyco has the right door for your construction projects. Contractors rely on Plyco for a comprehensive line of durable walk doors that meet today’s building codes. Plyco offers pre-hung service doors individually packaged, pre-drilled for lock set, and insulated with injected polyurethane foam. Plyco walk doors are perfect for post frame, metal frame and commercial buildings.



Plyco doors

ASTA America

ASTA AMERICA is your trusted provider for sheet roll-up doors. For more than 30 years, ASTA AMERICA has provided high-quality products with unparalleled service to the carport and shed markets. We offer a full-line of sheet roll-up doors in every size, color and option in the book. We offer unwavering dedication to the quality of our products and commitment to unsurpassed customer service.



ASTA roll up door

Trac-Rite Door

Trac-Rite manufactures roll-up doors for a multitude of uses including self-storage, residential, agricultural, and commercial, dedicated to providing long-lasting products delivered with uncompromising service.



Trac-Rite roll up doors

I-Beam Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors with Ultra Glide Track & Trolley System. Heavy duty 6,000-lb. capacity and 115 MPH wind rated. Fully adjustable: up-down, in-out. Never drag, bind or come out of adjustment. Aluminum frame doors with easy latches. Plus, Incredible Swing Doors (shown). Electric screw-jack lift for ultimate safety. Aluminum frame, fully automated door system. Easily retro-fit.



large lift door


ProfileVent is a single-layer ridge vent designed for metal roofs, specifically cut to fit more than 50 profiles. Mongoose, a ridge vent designed for sloped shingle roofs, has a pressure-sensitive strip to provide permanent adhesion to shingles. RidgeVent is an excellent choice for cedar, asphalt, and slate roofs. Contractor’s Choice ridge vent for sloped roofs helps vent the attic. Hip & Ridge Vent is for universal application to any screw-down panels ½” to 1½” high. All Ventco products are manufactured in the U.S.



non-woven ridge vent
ProfileVent ridge vent

ST Fastening Systems

ST Fastening Systems supplies its MultiVent, MultiVent10, and MultiVent20 closures for those applications requiring airflow on metal roofs. Open cell foam MultiVent, 3’ in length, woven polyester MultiVent10, 10’ in length, and MultiVent20, 20’ in length, allow as much as 98” free airflow through the material. However, it prevents wind-driven rain from penetrating the material when compressed. The designs are universal for both, with adhesive applied for easy field installation. MultiVent can be used on angled roof applications and MultiVent10 and MultiVent20 for ridge cap applications.



non-woven ridge vent

Safe-Way Door

Safe-Way Door is a leading manufacturer of quality residential, commercial and industrial overhead garage doors in steel, wood and aluminum. Doors are available in multiple configurations including polyurethane and polystyrene insulated, uninsulated and up to 11 colors in steel and multiple powder-coat colors in aluminum. Commercial door sizes are available in all panel designs. Pictured is an Ambient Model 273 with long tinted contemporary glass in Rosewood.



garage door

Shed Windows and More, Inc.

Shed Windows and More specializes in doors that are the specific sizes needed for outdoor buildings such as sheds, garages, barns, playhouses, and chicken coops. Starting in 2019 we also started featuring garage doors, roll-up steel doors, fiberglass and steel pre-hung doors, and decorative glass inserts for doors. All doors are processed in house. 



shed windows and more

MWI Components

MWI offers a large color palette with over 100 colors for ridge vents to match most roll formers’ metal panels. Additionally, MWI supplies Uni-Vent® II and
Uni-Vent®III (to ventilate with a ridge cap) and manufactures two high and three low profiles of Ridg-Vents® for outstanding ventilation. To prevent rust stains and ease of handling, the vents have no raw metal edges. MWI Components is the industry’s leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum soffit systems. They offer full-vent, center-vent and solid soffit systems with pre-cut or special cut lengths, and sizes ranging from 7-144”.


800-360-6467 ext. 5

MWI Components ridge vent

Diamond Doors

The Diamond bi-fold door and insulation package option is a great investment. ESP ridged board panels and foam weather seal create a complete barrier from the elements, preventing energy loss from your building. The insulation panels are pre-cut in factory for easy installation and have a consistent R value of R12 (2”) and R16 (3”). These insulated bi-fold doors are great for heated machine shops and aircraft hangars. 



pole barn doors

Midland Door Solutions

Midland Door Solutions offers bi-fold and hydraulic doors for Ag, Aviation and Commercial buildings. The doors are custom designed to meet your buildings aesthetics while providing outstanding durability. A 5-1 safety rating ensure the doors’ load carrying capacities exceed expected or actual loads, resulting in optimum safety. In addition, Midland’s team provides a turn-key approach – working with you from concept design through installation – which results in an ideal solution and fit.



bi-fold door

Royal Crowne Cupolas

Royal Crowne is a cupola manufacturer located in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Our cupolas are made with either cellular PVC (vinyl) or Western red cedar. We offer many styles in sizes 18” to 72” square. Our cupolas are a beautiful complement to your home, barn, garage, carport, or shed. Royal Crowne Cupolas can also provide ventilation or lighting to your building, and are a perfect Crowne for your building! 



decorative cupola