You may notice this issue is a bit more hefty than usual — with all the additional directory listings plus all the Product Profiles, we quickly ran out of space and needed to add more pages. For the first time ever, all of the post-frame Product Profile categories are published in a single issue of Frame Building News. You’ll find the Product Profiles are a great complement to the Post-Frame Directory. 

You’ll also find the directory to be more than twice the size it was last year. There are double the number of suppliers, plus we’ve added a section of Designers & Engineers. Also, thanks to the SBCA, we’ve included a group of component manufacturers. If you find yourself in need of a source for trusses, you can start your search right here in these pages.

Speaking of trusses, Sean Shields joins us once again with his continuing series on long-span trusses. This time, he addresses proper truss bracing to prevent failure during construction. He even included easy-to-read diagrams.

If you don’t find your company in the Directory, but would like it to be included, give me a call or send me an email with your company information. We will add it to our records for the next time the Directory is published. 

Due to space constraints, a few submissions were left of this printed version. However, the omitted information will appear in the online, digital version. We don’t yet know the exact date or what the format will be, but the Post-Frame Directory will be featured prominently on our new website: This new website is in beta testing at the moment, but we’re filling it with a wealth of information for post-frame builders.  

Until next time — be well.

Karen Knapstein, editor