By Gary Reichert, Publisher

Welcome to the 2021, Frame Building News Post Frame Directory. We have been evolving rapidly over the last two years. We have added magazines, online buyers’ guides, live trade shows, virtual-digital trade shows and now we are launching a consumer book division.

Much of this growth has been digital or online.  Our opt-in email list has grown almost 400%. 

Part of this digital growth is completely redesigned websites for each magazine.

The issues are available online and formatted so you can easily read them on your devices. And they are searchable; if you type “fasteners” or a company name in the search bar, all of the articles including fasteners or that company come up.

One critical issue that I would like to stress is that we are in no way lessening our commitment to our print publications. In fact, the 2021 Post Frame Directory is more than twice the size of the 2020 version: More suppliers. More builders. More Product Profiles.

The sentiment that print is dying is misguided. It is changing and evolving. But we have launched three new print titles within the last two years during a global meltdown. So if print is dead, we must be zombies.

Print, digital, and social media are different tools with different applications. If you pursue one exclusively you are limiting your marketing or your education.

The other reason to continue growing print is a significant segment of the post-frame community is not online. Our commitment is to support and grow the entire industry. Our objective is to provide and gather information, not pick winners and losers.

Speaking of print, this issue is packaged with the June/July issue of Garage, Shed & Carport Builder. If you like Garage, Shed & Carport Builder, subscribe online. The magazine is ready to stand on its own, so we will discontinue packaging it with Frame Building News and Rural Builder, which is one more piece of evidence that print publications are going strong.

I hope you enjoy the June issue of Frame Building News and find the Post Frame Directory a valuable resource.