Heavy Equipment Affords Safe Installation of Trusses & Posts

What was unique to us is the size of the building being 50’ x 80’ x 18’ with a 10’ x 50’ porch. With the size in mind, we used a boom truck to set the 20’ 8” x 8”  posts and used a crane to set the truss system in pairs. This allowed us to construct the building the safest way.

It’s located on top of a beautiful hill overlooking a valley onto a lake. The color combination turned out beautiful with the way the trims accented the siding. On the back side, there is a 4’ tinted panel spanning the whole side to allow some natural light into the building. The garage doors seemingly put it all together and popped next to the siding. It was an experience that allowed us to grow while building a structure that was simply breathtaking to the eyes. FBN