Georgia-Pacific ( has announced it is modernizing one of its premier sawmills in Texas. Pineland Lumber Complex, located in Pineland, Texas, will undergo $120 million in additions and improvements in an overall modernization effort that will also increase the mills’ overall production.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this addition to the Pineland Lumber Complex,” said Darryl Melton, Sabine County Judge.  “As the largest business in our county, this mill plays a critical role in our economic success. With Georgia-Pacific making this significant investment, we are confident that the mill will continue to be a part of our community for many years to come.”    

The modifications include a new sawmill which will replace the existing stud mill that was built in the 1960s.  Construction is expected to begin early next year and is scheduled to be completed in late 2022. Currently the mill has the capacity to produce 380 million board feet of dimensional lumber each year, but when the new mill is operational and running at full capacity the production will increase to 450 million board feet—which is equivalent to the amount of lumber needed to build 30,000 houses per year. 

In order to meet increased capacity, Pineland Lumber Complex will also expand its log yard storage and incorporate a new debarking and log processing line.  Additionally, a continuous dry kiln will help ensure production capacity while a new high-speed planer will replace the current vintage equipment that was installed in the 1960s. 

“This is significant to our region’s economy, especially when you consider the direct and indirect jobs that it maintains and creates,” said Texas State Representative Chris Paddie. “This new investment will enhance the existing jobs within the facility and further stimulate the economy by providing additional indirect jobs. Georgia-Pacific’s expansion is an excellent opportunity for Sabine County to grow its economy.”

When the new sawmill is operational, it’s anticipated that the mill will increase the number of trucks delivering wood from 250 to 300 loads each day.  “Logging has provided a good income for many families through the years and is one of our strongest industries in East Texas,” said Judge Melton.  “By expanding the Pineland Lumber Complex, Georgia-Pacific is helping to ensure the longevity of this important industry.”

Georgia-Pacific operates 12 lumber mills throughout the country.  According to Georgia-Pacific Lumber President Fritz Mason, Pineland was selected for the expansion for many reasons, including the area’s workforce and natural resources.  “This mill has a long history in Sabine County, which dates back to 1910,” said Mason.  “With the mill favorably located in the middle of the Southern Pine Forest of deep East Texas coupled with an experienced workforce that dates back to several generations, Pineland Lumber is well positioned to prosper for years to come.”

According to Mason, the same can be said for Georgia-Pacific’s lumber operations overall. “Lumber has a longstanding tradition within our company, we were founded as a lumber company over 90 years ago, — and we are recognized as one of the leading lumber producers in the country. The Pineland Lumber Complex capital improvement project is just one of many investments Georgia-Pacific is making at its lumber mills throughout the country.  We are committed to this
industry and providing our customers with quality products that they have come to know and trust since 1927.”