Leaving 2020 behind and looking forward to a (hopefully) better 2021

Who could have guessed even a single news headline from 2020? Certainly not me, and probably not any of you either. What other year in history contained a global pandemic, a chaotic presidential election, wood shortages, riots, wildfires, and murder hornets?!

Let’s all cross our fingers that this year will be “easier” and bring us all a bit more happiness than the last one. Good news is that, despite the craziness, the post-frame industry appears to be thriving. We recently conducted a survey of our readers and were pleased to find that a whopping two-thirds of respondents were expecting their firm’s final contract volume to be moderately or significantly increased in 2020 over 2019. The results of the State of the Industry survey are included in their entirety beginning on page 20.

Something to look forward to is the reopening of trade shows. Our first ever Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show is still on track for February 4-5 in South Bend, Indiana. This issue includes a special Show Preview section (beginning on page 40), which includes profiles of the show exhibitors (as of early December 2020), new products that can be found on the show floor, and a list of family-friendly attractions, museums, and restaurants located nearby. Keep an eye on www.construct ionmagnet.com/garage-carport-shed-builder-show-home-page for updates. It’s going to be a great show and we hope to see you there!

Jessica Franchuk, Managing Editor

[email protected]