The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Triangle Fastener Corporation ( patent protection on screws that utilize its BURR BUSTER® thread and point design like the PANEL-TITE® metal-to-wood self-piercing screws.

The company reports its patented design produces exceptional performance and value.

The point greatly reduces the amount of burrs/chips (swarfs) that are cause when the screw penetrates the steel. These chips can damage the sealing washer, and rust on the panel.

Also, the low-angle thread helps eliminate over-driving and improves the resistance to back-out.

Triangle Fastener Corporation, a member of SFS, has 24 locations servicing the commercial construction markets since 1977. The company provides a full line of high-performance fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools used to construct the building envelope, along with interior applications like steel framing and sheet metal.