Shed Siding Rollforming Line by ASC Machine Tools, Inc.

ASC’s new shed siding roll-forming line features a Heavy Duty Rollformer with cast stands and a hydraulic Post-Cut Shear. This setup allows the production of panels down to a length of only 1 foot! For more automation, ASC customers can add an automated Panel Stacking system including a floor tamper and side transfer conveyors.

Coming in 2021—Hot Wire Cutter for DR!PSTOP

Filc USA is happy to announce a new accessory that makes cutting DripStop as simple as pushing a button. The E-Z cutter will be available on future applicators as well as an accessory that can be retro-fitted to all 3rd generation (approx. 2015) applicators. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Board & Batten Siding Panel by Graber Post Buildings, Inc.

Graber Post Buildings is excited to announce the release of the Board & Batten siding panel. It provides the classic look of wooden board and batten with the strength and longevity of a steel siding system. We offer this in all 28 color options in 26 gauge. Call us today for pricing on your next project!

Specialty Garage Doors by Kevmar Door

Kevmar Door is a manufacturer of specialty garage doors. Our products are sold across the United States and Canada, with deliveries via company trucks in the Midwest. The Kevmar product line includes a high value line of pan-type stamped steel doors for the shed industry.

Paradigm Accounting/SmartBuild Systems Integration by Paragon Computing Solutions LLC

Introducing a seamless integration between Paradigm Accounting and SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds. The integration enables a structure to be drawn in 3D and the materials list to be automatically imported into Paradigm Accounting for manufacturing, inventory control, and accounting. Current costs are also synchronized between systems, providing real-time cost data. Don’t waste valuable time manually entering data. Allow the integrated systems to do the work for you!

Ledge Sill Accessory by Qora Cladding

Qora Cladding now offers a matching ledge sill accessory that is easy to install and provides a seamless transition between Qora Cladding panels and other siding materials. With two color options—Light Grey and Medium Grey—it’s the perfect complement to your structure’s exterior design. Each 4′ sill weighs less than four pounds but looks exactly like a real stone ledge sill with durability to match.

Windcup Weathervanes by Royal Crowne Cupolas

Add a “Windcup Weathervane” to your Royal Crowne cupola to finish off any building project. These weathervanes are made from a three-step powder-coated steel and are Dark Bronze in color. The weathervanes feature a windcup that actually spins in the wind, and are available in many different designs. Contact Royal Crowne today for more info on your Cupola and Weathervane needs.

SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds by SmartBuild Systems

SmartBuild is enhanced, so it is no longer just for post-frame. SmartBuild for Garages and Sheds is capable of stick framing a complete garage or shed building. For finishes on roofs, the system applies regular sheathing, a layer of felt, and conventional shingles. For walls, plywood or OSB sheathing is applied as well as a finish of multiple types of siding.

New Colors From Trac-Rite Door

Trac-Rite is offering new colors of their Model 944 Roll Up Door, including matte black, ash gray, lime green, and patriot red. Trac-Rite Door has recently added more colors to the available lineup—doors are now available in 17 colors. The model 944 door is commonly used in both the self-storage industry and also by shed builders. The matte black color is especially striking for both applications.