RR buildings

Builder: RR Buildings

Building Size: 26’ x 72’ x 16’

Walk Doors: Sierra Pacific

Garage Doors: AlumaView Raynor

Fasteners: Nails: Maze 20d Galvanized, 60d hardened. Roofing Screws: Atlas Fastener

Foundation: 8” concrete footing wall, concrete piers for porches

Insulation: 3” closed cell insulation in walls; R-38 blown fiberglass in roof

Posts: Ohio Timberland 3-ply glue lam

Framing: LP® SolidStart® LSL and I-joists

Roof Panels: Metal Sales Image II

Trusses: Enlarged 15.5” heel for better energy efficiency and stronger connection

Wall Panels/Siding: LP Building Solutions Smartside Expert Finish with WeatherLogic Water Screen

Windows: Sierra Pacific

This building will be an addition to the Ukulele Station of America, which is a music store as well as a place for intimate concerts, lessons, and internet sales. The biggest problem faced was making sure the building fit into the residential area. Dealing with COVID-19 and delayed supplies was another issue.