This is my first issue since returning to Frame Building News as the managing editor. The January 2020 edition was the last issue of this title for which I played a significant role. It was memorable for me because I spoke with quite a few industry players to gauge what might be on the horizon for 2020. In late 2019, it looked as though 2020 was going to be a phenomenal year; no one could have ever predicted the events that would take place.

While 2020 certainly had more than its share of challenges, I consider myself fortunate to be involved (though only adjacently) in the essential construction trade. I enjoy facing the challenges of learning what’s what, what’s new, and what’s coming down the pike.

In this edition, the feature that commands attention is the Buildings of the Year section beginning on page 30. I find the number of commercial, residential, and special purpose buildings erected with post-frame exciting. It tells me that a growing number of enterprising business owners and private property owners recognize the benefits of post-frame construction. Take, for example, the church project built by H&D Quality Builders (p. 40). The builder explained the project was built for a church community that had been waiting almost 10 years for a church building. “Post frame was chosen for the spans possible, cost effective construction techniques, and the energy efficiency of the frame type.”

Speaking of H&D, Matt Kennell, who has been with that company for nearly 27 years, was awarded the honor of NFBA Crew Foreman of the Year. I’m disappointed that Matt couldn’t receive the honor in the traditional way at the Frame Building Expo Awards Banquet due to the event being postponed until next year, but I’m glad he received official recognition for his efforts and dedication. (p. 20)

With that being said, I hope to meet you at the Construction Rollforming Show June 3-4 in Cincinnati. If you have ever thought about roll forming your own components, you can’t miss this show! You’d be challenged to find this many roll-forming equipment manufacturers and roll-forming suppliers anyplace else in the Midwest. Learn more at

Until next time — be well.

­— Karen Knapstein

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