Equestrian Building

Just completed this spring, this equestrian building includes a large workshop on one end. Four sliding doors open into the attached lean-to for the resident horses, and five overhead doors provide easy access to the interior.

The structure was built with innovative T-Span Purlins, pictured at lower left. According to the manufacturer, these are safer than a conventional 2″ by 4″ on edge and can be power nailed to the rafters, compared to driving pole barn nails by hand. There is greater uplift resistance using four power nails per truss versus one 6″ pole barn nail. These purlins also allow the builder to set a single bay of trusses at a time before moving on to the next one (as opposed to reaching 2″ by 4″s across several bays).

***AIDED BY Steel Star Metal Roofing and Siding