Critel Buildings

This project was completed for a farmer in Bertrand, Nebraska. He needed additional space for his ag operation that included cold storage, a heated workshop, as well as a small office area. We designed a building to incorporate all three into one structure. The owner is able to store equipment in the cold storage section while having a climate-controlled workspace to complete any repairs and maintenance. The building includes an office area as well. It was added as a separate enclosed lean-to attached to the end of the building. A 36’-wide garage door was needed to accommodate his equipment size. An engineered I-beam was installed for structural support. 


Builder: Critel Buildings
Building Size: 80’ x 180’ x 20’ w/ attached 12’ x 24’ x 10’ office
Roof Pitch: 3/12
Doors: Clopay Garage Doors commercial insulated steel, 36’ x 16’; split metal sliding door, 24’ x 16’
Foundation: Concrete frost footings w/ Sturdi-wall Brackets
Insulation: Kraft R-19 batt walls; R-30 blow-in ceiling
Posts: Midwest Columns, LLC, 8” x 36”, w/ Sturdi-wall Brackets
Roofing: Hixwood Metals Pro Q Plus Panel, 29 ga.
Interior Steel Liner: Workshop section: Hixwood Metals Pro Q Plus Panel, 29 ga.
Trusses: Quality Trusses, 4’ o/c, Risk II
Ventilation: 12” vented boxed overhang, 2 sides & 2 gables
Wall Panels: Hixwood Metals Pro Q Plus Panel, 29 ga.
Windows: Simonton insulated, single-hung, 4×4, white

By Critel Buildings