• By Karen Knapstein

Many exhibitors at the Post-Frame Builder Show, taking place June 19-20 in Branson, Missouri, are debuting new products for the post-frame construction industry. From the ridge to the foundation — and everything in between — exhibitors are offering every type of component needed for building post-frame structures. Following are a few new product highlights that can be found on the expo floor. Click their respective Booth Numbers below for location and exhibitor information.

The experts at SmartBuild Systems [Booth 413] will be discussing its newest software version, which will meet the needs of building designers. Currently in development, but expected to be finished soon, SmartBuild for building designers will bring the 10-20-hour task of designing a building down to less than 2 hours. Features will include the ability to lay out a two-story interior.

Plyco Double Doors.
Plyco Series 20 red door
with Black frame.

Plyco [Booth 607] is introducing the new Designer Series program and new Klick-Fit trim system. The Designer Series provides 16 new color options within the heavy duty 20 and thermal break 92 door series. In addition specific to the 92 series a new residential look 5068 sidelite door is now available. Many types of glass and hardware selections make the Designer series the next generation of a premium door system. Finally the Klik-Fit trim system for these doors and Plyco windows is an aluminum 2-piece 3 ½” finish J type trim to add a beautiful finish trim to your doors and windows. 

Malco Tools will be demonstrating new tools in Booth 621.

See Malco Tools demonstrating its new line of Metal Benders in booth 621. The new metal-bending product line includes one- and two-station benders, one- and two-station disc benders, and modular metal benders, all of which come in different sizes. It also includes a standing seam seamer (the FSXS, which is reportedly the fastest seaming machine in the market, powered by a cordless drill) and a power-assisted standing seam cutter (the FSXC).

Post Protector [Booth 100] is exhibiting products for new and existing structures. The Post Protector Finish Sealing Cap provides a finished appearance to the Post Protector and seals out precipitation on post applications that are exposed to the elements, such as porch posts, open-sided buildings, and deck and fence posts. 

Post Protector Finish Sealing Cap.

Post Proservative is a treatment that is used to maintain preservative levels that are needed to stop wood decay. The treatment has been used successfully for 30-years in the industrial sector to maintain utility poles. Good for up to 10 years, this product is now available in the retail sector exclusively through Post Protector.  

Bucket Bunker Auger Lite Pro.

Bucket Bunker® [Booth 101], which manufactures its product line in Kansas and Indiana, is exhibiting its new Auger-Lite Pro™ (U.S. Patent Pending). It is a load-and-go solution for handling and transporting multiple skid steer attachments. This newest model is specifically designed with the post-frame contractor in mind. The challenge of moving multiple attachments from jobsite to jobsite is simplified by organizing tools and attachments into a single, portable unit. It is designed to manage one hydraulic auger drive head, up to three auger bits, a set of pallet forks, and a single skid steer bucket. Additionally, it can be moved with a bucket as well as standard pallet forks. Every unit is constructed of steel tubing and ¼” plate, and is powder coated for durability. 

CoVent from Levi’s Building Components.

Levi’s Building Components [Booth 215] will be exhibiting its new CoVent Exhaust Fan Vent. Ideal for interior exhaust fans equipped with a 3” or 4” flex hose, it is an all-in-one exhaust fan vent designed for metal roofs and intended for bathroom and attic venting. 

Palram Americas [Booth 300] is exhibiting two new products at the Post-Frame Builder Show. DURACLAD® Designer Series is an interlocking multiwall PVC wall and ceiling panel with a white shiplap finish that looks and feels like wood. Tongue-and groove edges allow for installation directly onto wall studs with fasteners fully hidden. Requiring no priming or painting, suggested usage includes accent walls, utility rooms, under-decking, barns, sheds and workshops, garages,
basements, recreational facilities, barndominiums, etc.

PalClad Pro from Palram..

PALCLAD PRO is a wall and ceiling panel alternative to FRP. Panels contain no fiberglass, are extremely durable, highly moisture and chemical resistant and will not “fiber bloom.” They are Class A fire-rated, Clean Air Gold Certified & USDA/FDA compliant. Recommended usage includes high traffic and high moisture areas in agricultural structures, commercial buildings, vet clinics, kennels, etc.

AJ Manufacturing [Booth 616] released two new products in March; they will both be on display. The company is exhibiting its new insulation dam kit (patent pending). The kit is made of G-90 Galvanized 24-ga. steel and is designed to manage up to R-60 of blown cellulose or fiberglass batt insulation. 

AJ Manufacturing is also showing its new, more energy-efficient ceiling access doors. They feature a self-flashing frame fabricated of commercial-quality painted aluminum extrusions, miter cut corners, and assembled with screws.  The 6”-thick door panel is designed to accommodate up to an R-42 insulation thickness, while the 4” thick door panel will accommodate up to R-28.Both are available in single- and bi-fold panel designs. 

Klar TK 9 panel.

Klar [Booth 419] is introducing TK Ag Panels for cladding or roofing applications. The company explains, “They are the best option because they reduce noise; do not rust; do not generate fungus; and protect from cold, heat and humidity.” Installed as a liner, the KLAR TK 9 panels are anticorrosive and suitable for retrofitting panels with 9” between the main corrugations. The panels are recommended for use in many applications, including sheds, carports, garages, barns, calf barns, cattle shades, chicken coops, dog kennels, pole barns, bardominiums, and car washes.

Perma-Column [Booth 209] has devised yet another permanent problem solver for post-frame builders: the industry’s first patented precast concrete skirt board that will never rot or warp. The precast skirt boards feature a 4” concrete base secured to wood with stainless-steel shear studs. Non-rusting basalt composite rebar runs the length of the precast concrete for further strength and stability. The concrete skirt board is also available through Richland Laminated Columns [Booth 320].

Perma-Column Skirt Board

Wholesale distributor Forest Products Supply [Booth 811] will be displaying Affinity Panelized Stone and Zero Cut Column Kits, among its other products. Two square feet of Affinity Stone can be installed in all weather conditions with just two screws. Affinity Stone provides an authentic stone appearance.  

Hitz Halter [Booth 210] returns to the trade show space with its EPS foam insulation. Although it is designed especially for radiant floor heat (plastic staples fasten the pex tubing directly to the insulation, which has strong poly film on both sides), it is also suitable for basement walls, sidewalks, and buildings. To speed and simplify installation, the insulation comes fan folded in 4ft. x 24ft. sections.

Delden Garage Doors [Booth 812]  is showing off its new Quick-Stock program offering custom-packaged garage doors. They will also be showing the new Amarr Northwoods door, which features printed horizontal plank designs on a ribbed section that creates depth, texture and subtle dimension and is “A perfect complement to modern, mid-century modern, and traditional architectural styles.” 

Trac-Rite Doors [Booth 313] now offers roll-up doors measuring up to 18’x18’. Additionally, the company has made improvements to the wind-ratings of its doors. To complement its expanded product range, Trac-Rite offers additional features and add-ons, including motor operators and insulation options.

Window manufacturer WinTech [Booth 716]  is displaying its newest premium windows: OzarkView. “WinTech’s OzarkView windows feature fusion welded mainframes and sashes, composite-reinforced interlocking meeting rails, and performance insulated glass. They are suitable for your residential and commercial applications. 

Payment plans help contractors close more deals and grow their business. To help with that, J Money LLC [Booth 800] offers a consumer loan platform for contractors to offer payment plans to customers. It allows contractors to offer affordable payments for big ticket projects, up to $100,000.  

There’s no doubt that trade shows are the best place to find and learn about new products that solve old problems. You can get information directly from the supplier or manufacturer, and (depending on the product) you can often touch and examine the product. Don’t miss out on this opportunity: Learn more about these and other new products at the inaugural Post-Frame Builder Show in Branson, Missouri, June 19-20. FBN