Developed to replace the strain and stress of manual hammering.  In-stock at Maze Nails it is branded under the name of DELIVERANCE POWERED SAFETY HAMMER.  Maze is involved in this promotion because so many contracting companies are experiencing a serious lack of skilled, hammer-swinging workers.  The “Mini-Jack Hammer Model MJH-A1” makes driving nails easier, more accurate and above all – safer!  

 Invented by noted pneumatic tool expert, Don Carlson (and his engineering team), the design of this air tool eliminates the need for skilled nail pounding – since the tool now does the work that previously demanded a strong arm and good hand–eye coordination.  We all want to make our lives easier – and for a contractor or a carpenter – this tool will be a big help.

A main advantage over traditional pneumatic nailers is that the Powered Safety Hammer can fire hundreds of different types of economical, bulk nails – so that the contractor is not limited to whatever nails are in his pneumatic tool.  Although the safety hammer is lightweight – at just 5 lbs – it is still able to drive long nails and spikes with ease!