By Tracy Schubert

We are excited to share some great news with you. Shield Wall Media LLC is launching a new line of books tailored to help both you and your customers build a great foundation for working together. Knowledge is a profitable advantage. It creates great results that develop from mutual understandings and constructive conversation. Pro Tips On is a series designed to be exactly that—the educational conduit you need to work with your customers effectively and efficiently. They will understand the benefits of affordable quality, impacts of quality on longevity and what questions they need to ask about the installation process. Being the contractor sharing the information that makes customers comfortable will help you be a deal maker.

Upcoming Pro Tips On topics include Your Post Frame Home, Your Carport, Your Portable Shed and Your Horse Barn. Look for several of these to be released in 2022.

Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof

Must-know information for customers considering purchasing a metal roof is compiled into this visually stunning, comprehensive 144-page book. Five sections full of inspiration and explanation geared toward building prolific customer/contractor relationships is at your fingertips. Readers will know what to ask their contractors—and contractors can anticipate what they will be asked. A win-win for all looking forward to putting another fabulous metal roof into existence.

The content is segmented into six uniquely focused areas. The book opens with Section One: Metal Roofing Essentials, which covers exactly that. Consumer-minded coverage includes:

• Assessing the need for replacement

• Style-Type Picture Guide

• Metal Substrate Options

• Venting

• Environmental Friendliness 

• Solar Friendliness

Metal roof enthusiasts will learn how to evaluate when a replacement roof is needed. They will see many of the style options available in the marketplace. Noted experts explain metal substrate options for a quality result and how proper venting is critical for a truly healthy home.

Consumers learn about how putting a metal roof on a home is truly an environmentally friendly decision. Industry respected expertise is shared about great rooftop solar setups for self-sufficient customers choosing to make their dream home more energy friendly and cost-effective.

Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof  next moves on to Section Two: Climate Zones. Learning about weather so readers can understand the conditions that impact their local county enables them to learn what environmental stressors their roof is likely to face—a big advantage. Climate knowledge helps readers understand why it is better to invest in affordable solid construction such as metal type and thickness in tandem with certain coatings. It makes all the difference in overall happiness in the way your roof not only works, but appears, when a consumer is seeking a long-term positive result by choosing to install a new roof. The section is organized for ease of use with the zones ordered having the largest number of counties first and the least at the end. That is not to say that all Shield Zones are not significant.

Customers will want to know more about the topics in Section Three: Facts, Factors, Fashion & Financing. Consumers learn the need-to-know items people should ask about metal roofing including the benefits of choosing a particular metal and thickness. Experience-rich installation tactics are shared by a professional installer. Top Myths Dispelled separates the truth from the misconceptions to help overcome common unfounded objections. Factors that influence cost and financing options are covered to help readers make informed decisions about their roofing selections.

Heading to Section Four: Look Before You Leap content shares questions to ask and warning signs to be aware of when selecting a contractor. Warranty coverage loopholes to consider and setting up a work contract are shared so both homeowners and contractors have an understanding that provides both parties the protection they deserve. Additional coverage includes writeups by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), International Code Council (ICC) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to help customers understand their function in the industry and benefits the add to consumer protection and clear product quality advantages.

Additional coverage includes:

• Pre-hire Installer Questions

• HOAs

• Zoning Requirements

 • Building Codes

The book concludes with an Inspirational Gallery that showcases the amazing projects contractors have completed for their clients. Many different looks for many fabulous settings will leave customers eager to create and share their own inspired dream. The Appendix has a glossary to help avid learners become familiar with the terminology of roof construction. 

Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof is a one-stop-reference for fast facts and innovative inspiration. Consumers will be eager to effectively communicate with their contractors about their options. Putting a metal roof on a home is a long-term commitment and knowing what you need, what you like and the result quality delivers is only an advantage.