All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP), an industry leader in foam composite insulated metal panels, has announced an expansion of its wall panel product line with the launch of the DM44 Mesa Panel. The DM44 utilizes a planked 44” wide profile and is now available for quotation and ordering for interior installations, specifically for controlled environment applications.

“The development of the DM44 panel was driven by our customers,” said Dan Costello, National Sales Manager, Cold Storage. “The 44” module width will assist in expediting installation on interior applications and our goal with this new product is to deliver what the industry has asked for.”

DM44 panels are available in 2” through 8” and lengths of 8 to 50 feet for interior applications. DM44 is available in AWIP’s Imperial White polyester and stainless steel finishes. The interior and exterior steel profiles are embossed with vertical profiling. 

DM44 strengthens one of the most comprehensive lines of controlled environment product offerings in the market. A new controlled environments brochure is available in support of the DM44 launch and highlights AWIP’s system solution approach. From floor to roof, and everywhere in between, AWIP offers the total solution for temperature-controlled applications.